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The world of commercial animation is comprised of a number of fields and styles. The word “animation” is an umbrella term that includes almost anything that has movement. However, one subset of animation is confusing to some people, even though it’s all around us in the digital era: Motion Graphics. It’s so ubiquitous that it’s almost invisible — but it is a truly powerful tool when it comes to commercial animation.

In this insight article, I’ll explain what Motion Graphics is, its history, what differentiates it from other types of animation, and its importance in the advertising and design industry today.


Uses of Motion Graphics Today
The development of technology and the presence of screens in multiple devices in our lives expanded the full range of usage of Motion Graphics. What before was used just to introduce technical information and set the mood for a story, nowadays serves a wide range of purposes.

On television, Motion Design is used in the opening of TV shows, as the video brand of the channel, and to introduce information with bumpers, lower-thirds, and many others. It’s also built into the forecast screen on the news and in their virtual backgrounds. TV has been using motion since the early days, and it has become an integral part of its identity, helping to make a channel or show memorable.

With the advances of websites and apps, motion has been playing a significant role in helping build better interface experiences through the niche area of UX Motion Design.

When it comes to advertising, especially social media, motion graphics really shine in everything from complex, story-driven ads, to simple animated Instagram posts. It’s a great tool for helping companies stand out from the crowd.

Other usages include everything from animation menus at fast-food chains to projected signs in airports and at events. Motion is used everywhere, and each situation explores its potential on a different level.


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